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July 29, 2018

Penelope Lynn is 2 months old!

2 Months Old

When I decided to start blogging and sharing our life as parents, I thought it would be easy. Boy was I wrong. Finding words to express how in love Trae and I are with our Penelope Lynn is truly impossible. She blows us away and gives us joy we never thought possible.

Now here we are with an almost 10 week old (She turned 2 months old on June 22nd) and I’m trying to figure out how in the world 10 weeks have gone by.

I remember the September morning that changed our lives like it was yesterday. I always dreamed of being a mama and when it finally happened the feelings were over whelming. From that moment forward, Trae and I couldn’t wait to meet our sweet baby. Now fast forward almost 11 months later and here we are with our 2 Month Old Penelope Lynn.

Miss Penelope loves to smile and laugh at her Mama & Daddy! She holds her head up & loves to take in the entire world around her. Sweet girl is 10lbs 8oz and 20 3/4in long. She is ticklish all over and is starting to giggle just a little bit, which just melts our hearts! Enjoy some of our fun mini photo shoot!

To my Husband 2 months later:

I’m already in tears and I haven’t even gotten my words about you out yet. You. Are. Exceptional. The way you love her brings so many tears to my eyes. It radiates from you, being a father is what you were always meant to be. I can’t even thank God enough the man I get to share parenthood with.

I love you: your wife.

We cannot wait to keep you updated in our lives with our first baby, Penelope!!