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October 19, 2018

La Alberca, Spain Trip

Hello loves!

It has been 2 weeks since we landed back in Tulsa from our trip over to Spain and I think I am finally feeling back to normal. Each year in the Fall we celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles and travel to a temporary dwelling for 8 days. This year we chose to travel to La Alberca, Spain and it was truly amazing. This country is full of so much simplicity and beauty. They don’t speak a lick of english and being very incompetent in the Spanish Language, created quite a challenge. Somehow we managed and got laughed at often but the people there were so sweet and understanding! We landed in Madrid and spent the first 2 days there before the Feast began and that was quite the experience. We traveled over to our resort in La Alberca and spent the next 10 days there. In those 10 days we traveled to Salamanca and Ciudad Rodrigo. Salamanca was a stunning city. So beautiful, with old and modern views. Ciudad Rodrigo, is a city within the walls. There is one way in and one way out and wow this city is truly magical.

The best part of this FOT to Spain was bringing our beautiful baby girl Penelope along. Last feast I was 6 or 7 weeks pregnant traveling to England. Most people looked at us if though we were insane for taking a 4 month old across the world, but y’all she did AMAZING! Heading over there each of our flights were around nap time and then we left JFK at 7:30pm which was pretty close to her bed time. Guys, she slept the ENTIRE flight over to Madrid, 7 1/2 hours!!!! We could not believe it, but we were thanking God for answering our prayers. I’ve heard so many horror stories with flights and young babies but she smashed all my fears. The entire time over there she slept through the night, naps etc. Now coming home was quite a different story. She did GREAT with the traveling, but the baby jet lag was so real. We’re still trying to get back into our normal routine and get her back to sleeping through the night. We have hit the 4-5 month old sleep regression but are coming out of it soon… I hope 😉

We loved every day of our time in Spain with our beautiful church family and hope you enjoy some snapshots of our time there!