If you're reading this, I know your senior year is jam packed with some scary and big life changing choices and I promise I know how you feel! But I also know those choices quickly lead to the greatest chapters of your story, and I'm here to document the one you're in now. Your experience with Kaley Dennis Photography will be unlike any other photography experience you've had before. Why? Because my main focus is how many young ladies and gentlemen I can empower, build confidence and impact.

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I focus on giving my seniors a fair and beautiful representation of themselves, which means I am not going to give you overly exposed white teeth or barbie doll skin. I believe you are absolutely gorgeous the way you are and my goal is to show you just that.

My seniors do not need any modeling experience! I will be right with you the entire time, guiding and directing you in the most flattering and flawless poses. 

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senior experience #1

-1 hour session
-1-2 locations*
- 2-3 outfits 
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-2 hour session
-2-3 locations*
- unlimited outfits
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senior experience #2



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